Light is the source of energy with which all painters work. Applying media to a surface to create an effect from the reflected light.

My Light artwork follows the same principle.The process is dissected into a pure form, reflecting white light directly. Reflecting light from a source through three dimensions from collections of mirrors placed in a seemingly chaotic manner.

These reflections are just beautiful points of light until at a precise distance the reflections converge to make the image. And once this distance is changed the image scatters like leaves in the wind.

The Image the light and the reflective plate all become one. And the illusion of a reality is created. Much like we take points of information through our senses and then form this into our own personal perception.

This process is happening through the space between the objects creating the artwork . Once entered the path of the separate beams are broken causing the image to flutter and change in a surprising way. Due to the non-linear nature of the paths in which the image of reflected light is constructed.

The scope for this method of working is to my knowledge unique and has huge potential. Please see my proposal section below for future ideas.