James Mousley.

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Since I can remember I have had a deep interest in creating and the visual world. This lead me to focus naturally in the field of Art through all my education and life.

 Having completed a BA Hons in Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art I have high level of skill and experience in nearly all areas of design and art work. Including illustration, filmmaking, photography, installation work, metal work, woodwork, plaster casting, stone, printmaking, all types of painting, lighting and drawing. I have worked as a self employed Artist/Designer since 2005 until present.

Enlightenment was described by the seers of the Rig Veda as awakening from the long dream, the dream of Maya, or “ that which is not”.

My art takes as its prime inspiration the field of consciousness and perception, and plays on the subtle interplay of our senses and the objects of perception.

The crafting and creation of my art takes many forms. To unfold an alternative, more challenging, inspiring experience is a key part of my work. Rather than pursue one medium or style, I like to draw on the most effective means of expressing myself in each piece, provoking interest, emotion, inspiration and enquiry through the eye of the beholder.

I am currently accepting commissions for paintings, portraits, photography work and light installations. Please just email me via the commission/contact link.

James Mousley